Sacramento Is Expected To Have Hottest Real Estate Market in the Country

Although real estate in the country is reviving, it is worth noting that some parts of the country have almost stabilized while other parts are still struggling to catch up with the rest of the country. One of the places where the real estate market is better than before the 2008 crisis is in Sacramento. Subsequently, Sacramento property management is highly competitive compared to other parts of the country because investors and renters have high expectations to be met. Properties are selling like hot cakes and investors have very high expectations when buying properties. It is also worth noting that some Sacramento property management firms can make up to double what property management firms in other parts of the country earn because rental rates are very high.

If you are aspiring to acquire properties in Sacramento, then you should do so before prices become unaffordable. Properties appreciate year after year and there is no sign of prices coming down anytime soon. Property owners in the area are smiling to the bank because properties values in the region are shooting up. Additionally, the demand for rental properties in the area is escalating, making Sacramento property management a very lucrative business for those who can withstand the competition.

Expectations for 2016-2017

Recent studies show that the housing market in the area is expected to continue booming throughout 2016 and 2017. So far, the market is doing extremely well and the area was ranked among the top ten hottest real estate markets in the country by the first quarter of 2016. According to the report given by some local realtors in the region, 2015 was a very busy year and realtors do not expect anything less in 2016 and 2017.


Local realtors say that the demand for properties in Sacramento is more than the supply and some property buyers are considering neighboring areas such as Roseville and Lake Tahoe. Some of the key factors that have contributed to the area’s rapid real estate market growth include low-interest rates in the region that make it easy to acquire properties that could be unaffordable without cheap mortgages.

High Demand in the Area

Unlike in other parts of the country where cases of foreclosure are a common phenomenon, the situation is different in Sacramento. Realtors say that home sales have increased by over 10 percent in the last one year and cases of foreclosures are no more. Property managers in the area do not need to do extensive marketing because demand for properties is high throughout the year. However, it is worth noting that the fact that properties are appreciating rapidly in the area, that is not the only reason why real estate demand is very high. Some people fear that interest rates are going to go up in the near future so they want to buy now because they do not know what tomorrow has in store.

It is also worth noting that when some investors are advised to lower prices for their properties in order to attract more buyers in other parts of the country, the situation is very different in Sacramento. Some buyers go for highly priced properties because they believe they are more valuable. Properties are equally expensive in the surrounding areas such as Roseville where an average four- bedroom home sells for over $400,000. According to local realtors, if a similar home is priced for $300,000, it cannot remain in the market for more than two weeks without someone buying it. This has made it difficult to find a cheap home in the region.

Not Everyone is Optimistic

However, there some people who think that property prices in the region are going to reach the peak and start going down in the next five years. Others anticipate another real estate bubble in the region if the prices continue going up in the next two years. It is also worth noting that affordability is going to become an issue in the near future and property owners will be forced to lower prices to attract more buyers. This is likely to affect the investors acquiring property now if the price falls below the current ones. Nevertheless, these are all predictions by experts in the industry and it is difficult to say with certainty whether prices are going to go down in future or not. One thing for sure is that the real estate market in the region is doing very well and the trend is expected to continue throughout 2017. This means the market is in favor of investors and those aspiring to acquire more properties should do so before it is too late.


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Key Elements to Include in Your Atlanta Rental Agreement

A key document which every Atlanta landlord should have is well-crafted rental agreement. This is going to help you, as the owner of the property, not only to spell out terms and conditions but also to lay down rules and regulations by which your tenants should abide with so long as they occupy the property. If you do not already work with an Atlanta property management company, the below pointers will help a lot. If you are looking for a property manager in Atlanta, click here.

Rental Agreement Basics:

8 Elements To Include In Your Atlanta Rental Agreement:

1. Parties to the rental agreement

man-in-Atlanta-officeFor a contract to exist, obviously, there must be some agreement between two, or more parties. Ensure, therefore, that you clearly define who the parties to your particular rental contract are. You should provide the legal names plus the address of the tenant(s), and landlord involved in the agreement.

2. Property description

Provide a summary of the Atlanta rental property under construction. Most property owners often do not know what to include or not to include in the property description part. This information must not necessarily be a comprehensive one. It might be as basic as the building’s name, the type of property, street number or name, and the LR and apartment number.

3. Term

A good Atlanta rental agreement should state the date and, where possible, the time it comes into force, and the time it is going to end, and how either party may terminate the lease.

4. Rent

Ensure the rental agreement adequately spells out all matters of rent. It should clarify the monthly amount, the date for rent payment, where to pay, and in what form to pay the rent. It should also detail the repercussions of late or non-payments, like evictions and fines.

5. Security deposit

Request the tenant to provide some security deposit, which is going to help you in case your renter defaults in rent and/or utility bills payment, or destroys your property. The agreement should be clear on the amount of the security deposit, how your tenant should pay it, where you are going to hold it, and under which conditions you are going to release it to the tenant.

6. Property occupants

You have the right, being the landlord, to know who your Atlanta property occupants are, including those who are going to be frequenting your property. Also, when you do not like pets on your property, or you have some specific rules when it comes to domestic animals, include it in the rental agreement.

7. Property damages and repairs

Some features or items of the property may be damaged during the course of the tenancy. Therefore, your Atlanta rental agreement should include. Therefore, thorough description of the condition the tenant received the property. The contract should clearly clarify who is responsible for repairing any damages and, generally, maintaining the property. For a look into repair tips, click here.

8. Right of entry

As the landlord, it’s your responsibility to ensure the property is safe, and the tenant is using it as per the contract. You can only do this by frequently inspecting it. Therefore, ensure you include a right to entry clause that will allow you or your designated Atlanta property manager conduct frequent inspections. But as a sign of good faith, you should include some reasonable period for alerting your tenants of the intended visit.

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Tips for beginners in Atlanta Property Management

The rental market in Atlanta is very profitable because the city’s population is on the rise and the demand for housing is increasing. Additionally, the number of property managers in Atlanta has increased too. However, it is worth noting that many people trying their real estate managers in Atlanta do not have what it takes to be a successful property manager. The following are basic tips for being a great property manager in Atlanta.

  1. Make Sure You Understand How the Atlanta Market Works 

Many people operating as real estate managers in Atlanta are unsuccessful because they lack an adequate understanding of how the local market works. It is important for anyone planning to become a property manager in Atlanta to make sure that he/she is conversant with how the local market works. This is very important if you want to render excellent services and become a successful real estate manager.

Atlanta skyline

  1. You Need To Improve Your Marketing Strategies 

For you to be a successful real estate manager in Atlanta, it is essential to work on your property marketing strategies. You need to be able to advertise your services to landlords and convince them to entrust you with the management of their rental properties. Once you have some properties under your care, the next step is to reach out to potential tenants and convince them to rent.

Marketing skills are required

  1. You Must Be Very Industrious 

Remember that the real estate management in Atlanta is not for the lazy people. You need to be ready to wake up early and sleep late for you to be successful. Property management in Atlanta is not a shortcut to make huge money and accumulate wealth. You have to render extraordinary services to earn yourself good money in the form of commission.

  1. You Must Be Honest and Trustworthy 

Property owners in Atlanta prefer real estate managers who are honest and trustworthy. For instance, tenants in the city prefer renting houses that are managed by real estate managers who they can trust. On the other hand, a good number of landlords in Atlanta do not live near their investments and they expect those taking care of their investments, to be honest people who they can trust with their investment.

  1. You Must Have Exemplary Communication Skills 

Property managers in Atlanta serve as the link between property owners and tenants. It is therefore very essential for a real estate manager in Atlanta to have exemplary communication skills and be able to exchange useful information with their clients (both landlords and tenants). For instance, the real estate manager should keep the landlord updated with the condition of their properties and the welfare of tenants. On the other hand, a rental manager should ensure that tenant queries are responded to on promptly. In other words, for a real estate manager in Atlanta to be successful, he/she must keep in touch with landlords and tenants and be easily reachable from their offices and through the phone.

Professional Management

  1. You Must Be Able To Build a Strong Reputation with Your Clients 

It is very important for an Atlanta real estate manager to build a strong reputation and a history of excellent performance for him/her to be a great and successful property manager. Many tenants in the city prefer renting houses under the care of managers with a good reputation. Similarly, property owners in the city prefer working with real estate managers with a history of rendering excellent performance.

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Seattle Real Estate Market Update: What Investors Need to Know

Space Needle

The city of Seattle is known its expensive cost of living. However, this has not deterred people from living there and the city’s population is on the rise. More people are relocating to Seattle to work and live there. This has made the demand for housing in the city to shoot extremely high and only the affluent people can afford to buy a nice home in Seattle and its environments. The real estate market is believed to have reached its peak and prices are expected to start coming down soon. Here is a Seattle real estate market highlight for those planning to acquire properties there.

Seattle Real Estate Market Trends

1. The City Is A Low Supply of Properties

One of the key factors that have made prices for real estate properties in Seattle to shoot up is the fact that there is a low supply of properties. The number of new real estate properties constructed in the city is going down year after year because there is limited space to construct more houses. Homebuilders are also scared that there could be another bubble in the near future and those building properties there might not be able to sell them at a high price in the future. It is worth noting that the cost of building new homes in Seattle is very high and home builders are discouraged to invest there.

2. Prices Are Shooting Up

Those planning to invest in Seattle’s real estate properties should do so now because prices are shooting up. The Seattle real estate market update shows that home prices are increasing with over 10 percent every year and the trend is expected to keep moving up unless there is another bubble soon. However, investors have nothing to worry about because the market is very stable at the moment and the market is controlled by the demand and supply laws. This means that there are no signs of another bubble in the Seattle real estate market and prices are not coming down soon.

3. Demand for Properties Is Still High

The fact that the prices of real estate properties in Seattle are very high has not deterred people from buying properties there. The Seattle real estate market update shows that the demand for real estate properties is still high in the city and more people are willing to pay huge money to own a property there. This means that prices are going to continue rising because the supply of houses is far much below the demand.

4. The Real Estate Market Is Very Competitive

The Seattle real estate market is one of the among the most competitive markets in the country. If you are planning to acquire properties in Seattle and its environs, then you should know that properties sell like hot cakes. This means that you need to get your financing ready before acquiring properties there to avoid losing it to the next buyer. Here it is possible to have properties listed today and have them sold before you even arrange to go and see it. It is, therefore, important to make sure you are working with a reliable local property manager and realtor to help you with a search if you want to find a property to buy in the city. You also need to remember that the market is currently a seller’s market and property owners are taking advantage of the high demand to overprice properties. It is also worth noting that every day counts in Seattle and properties are sold even on holidays and weekends.

5. Rental Rates Are Very High

It is worth noting that the demand for rental houses in the city is very high regardless of the fact that rental rates are shooting up. This means that those planning to acquire rental properties in Seattle are going to make huge money from their investments. Rental prices are even expected to continue going even in the future as more tenants compete for limited rental properties.

6. Property Management Services Are Readily Available and Expensive

Property management in Seattle has also responded to the city’s real estate changes that have been experienced lately. The number of real estate managers operating in the city has increased as everyone is competing to take advantage of the booming market. This means that it is easy to find a reliable property manager to take care of your real estate properties in Seattle (see However, it is worth noting that real estate management fees are slightly higher than in other parts of the country.

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What it is Like to House Hunt in Vegas

It is true the Las Vegas real estate market is reviving and many people are moving there to buy their private homes, rental homes or a holiday home. However, as an expert in real estate matters, I have realized that many homebuyers who move to the area think that they will find homes that are similar to what you find in other parts of the country. Well, this is not actually the case because Las Vegas is a unique place and real estate properties are very different. That is why it is advisable to hire a property manager in Vegas to help you with the house hunt if you really want to get a good deal. Nevertheless, here is a breakdown of how it is like to house hunt in Vegas and some of the things that first-time homebuyers should consider.

4 Considerations When House Hunting in Las Vegas

1. Getting a house with a big compound is difficult

las vegas property management

Houses in Las Vegas are built in smaller compounds compared to other places in the country. The majority of the people hunting for houses in Vegas are surprised to see that houses built in small lots and yet they are surrounded by big vacant lands. This is something that you need to get used to when hunting for a home in Vegas. It is worth noting that the Bureau of Land Management owns most of the lands in the area and those lands are not available for building homes. In other words, space for building homes is scarce and houses are squeezed. This is something that you need to be prepared for when hunting for a house to buy here. For instance, you will find luxury homes built on a quarter acre piece, something that is rare in other parts of the country. Very few homes are built on an acre plus lot.

2. You cannot avoid dealing with Homeowner’s Associations

This is something that put off some of the people looking for a home to buy in Vegas. It is true that builders in the area love Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) and only a very few people build and sell homes as individuals. I know that not all homebuyers love living in a HOA and this can be a problem if you are planning to buy a home in the area. The rules and regulations set by the HOA can sometimes be unfriendly, not to mention the monthly fees that they charge. Well, if you do not love living in a HOA, then you need to avoid the master planned communities when looking for a house to buy in Vegas. However, it is worth noting that living in a HOA has some benefits that can make your stay in Vegas more comfortable.

3. Renting for some time before buying can help you to avoid small mistakes

The real estate market in Vegas is growing rapidly and all sorts of houses and neighborhoods coming up. It is, therefore, advisable to rent a home for some months before buying so that you can have enough time to scout the area better. If you are looking for a reputable property management company in Las Vegas, contact Costello Realty and Management.

Chances are very high that if you rush to buy a house in Vegas, you are likely to detect some mistakes afterward. It is wise if you can rent for about six months, and buy a home after you have understood the area better. That way, you have enough time to check areas where home prices are rising and where to get adequate social amenities. You also need to make sure that the home you want to buy is near your place of work and there are schools within the neighborhood if you have school going children. Remember that searching for a house to buy in Vegas online is not enough and you need to visit the place yourself and involve some reliable property manager and realtors if you want to get a good deal.

4. Real estate agents are the deal determinants

Another thing that homebuyers need to note is that in Vegas real estate agents are the deal determinants. No matter the effort that you will put to find your ideal home in the area, chances are very low that you will get a good deal without involving a reliable real estate agent. Remember that competition is very high in the area and it can be very frustrating competing with other homebuyers. However, you can be on the safe side if you have a reliable real estate agent on your side. Some real estate agents know about houses that are for sale even before they are listed and they can help you to get a better deal.

How I Used Property Management Firms in Spokane WA to Expand My Real Estate Portfolio

Property managers in Spokane helped me double my portfolio and here’s how:

Buying a single rental property is not a big deal and anybody can do it after saving for some years. In fact, you do not have to wait for many years to get your first property because financing is now readily available in almost all parts of the country. However, the biggest task is to acquire several rental properties and build your real estate portfolio. I am sure you now know where I am ending and why the majority of the real estate investors in the country own less than three properties. It is very simple. They do not hire reliable and honest property managers to help them to maximize returns on their investments.

Here is a secret that every real estate investor planning to expand his or her real estate portfolio should use. Get yourself a reliable property manager to help you. I have personally used property management in Spokane to expand my real estate portfolio and I know that it really pays to hire an honest and reliable property manager. When I acquired my first rental property in Spokane about 20 years ago, my plan was to add more property year and grow my real estate portfolio. However, I realized that I could not achieve my target after managing the property myself for 5 years and I decided to hire a local property manager to help me. I now own more than 15 real rental properties in the area, thanks to my property managers. If this is too good to believe, here are some key benefits that I have enjoyed from my Spokane property managers.

  1. Outstanding property management services

Many real estate investors are unable to maximize their rental income because they do not manage the properties properly. This was actually my major problem because when I acquired my first property I had other commitments and I never lived near my investments. However, things changed after I hired a local property manager to help me. My tenants are well served and cases of vacancy rates decreased tremendously. Rent is paid on time and my properties keep appreciating. I do not have to deal directly with tenants or struggle to work on repairs and renovations of my properties, screen tenants or even solve tenancy related disputes because my property manager does all that. In other words, my property managers have helped me to get more returns from investment and I was able to accumulate enough money to buy more rental properties.

property managers at work

  1. Getting good deals is not a big problem when you use a property manager

Some real estate investors fail to acquire more rental properties and build their real estate portfolio not because they do not have money to invest but because they are unable to get good deals. For instance, it is not an easy task to find a good deal when buying rental properties in a competitive market like Spokane. However, I have been able overcome this challenge by using my property managers whenever I want to acquire additional property. I worked with and they helped me out. Remember that property managers deal with rental properties all through and they know where demand for rental properties is high and where it is declining.

Your property manager is therefore in a better place to help you get better deals when buying a rental property, even more than some realtors can do. I normally ask my property managers for help anytime I want to acquire additional property and they have never failed. However, it is important to make sure that your property manager understands how the local market works for this strategy to work. All my property managers are locals who have been in the business for many years and they are conversant with the real estate market trends in the area.

  1. Property inspections, repairs and renovations are done on time

Tenants in Spokane are very concerned about the condition of the properties they are renting and they always go for the best. I must confess that it was difficult to inspect my properties on time and do repairs and renovations before I hired a local property manager to help me. This reduced my returns greatly because my properties could stay long without tenants and the appreciation rate was minimal. However, things changed when I hired a property manager to help me with the management. It is the responsibility of the property manager to inspect the property regularly, do regular repairs and renovations, and make sure they are in good condition. That way, I have seen my rental income increase year after year enabling me to accumulate money to acquire more properties. The value of my properties has increased tremendously and I am planning to sell some so that I can acquire more in the developing areas.

Tips on Hiring an Indianapolis Property Management Company

Investing in the Indianapolis real estate is a very profitable business as long as you have hired a good property manager to look after your investment. The economy of Indianapolis has improved drastically and more people are now able to buy and rent decent housing. Consequently, the demand for rental properties in the area has increased in the last five years. However, it is important for those acquiring rental properties in the area to hire a reliable Indianapolis property management company to take care of their properties if they want to maximize returns from their investments.

The biggest challenge for many real estate investors in the area is finding a suitable Indianapolis property management company in an area that is flooded with numerous dubious property managers. Well, if you own some rental properties in the area and you are looking for a reliable property management company to take care of your investment, the following are some fundamental tips that you need to consider in order to make the best choice.

  1. Understanding of the local real estate market

Real estate management in Indianapolis is a booming business that has attracted both local and foreign property management companies. However, it is worth noting that some of the property management companies operating in the area do not have a good understanding of how the local real estate market works. It is therefore important to confirm whether the property management company you want to hire understands how the local real estate market operates. Choosing a local property management company increases your chances of getting better services.

indianapolis home

  1. Ask for references

I can tell you freely that every property manager in the area will brag that their company is the best. Some of the property managers are very convincing and you can easily choose a dubious company if you are not very careful. It is, therefore, important to ask for references when hiring a property management company in the area. The company that you want to hire should show you some of the properties they are already managing and probably give you some telephone numbers belonging to some of their clients so that you can confirm the quality of their past work before you make your mind.

  1. Does the company use automated systems or not

The technology advancement in the recent years has changed how real estate properties are managed in the country. The majority of the property management companies have automated their systems in order to offer their clients better services. Studies show that property management companies that use automated property management systems offer better services than those still using the traditional methods. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the company you are hiring to take care of your properties has automated its services and embraces modern technology. One company I often use for my Indianapolis properties is They have incredible systems that allow me to feel comfortable knowing my property is in good hands.

property management systems

  1. Ability to screen tenants thoroughly

It is worth not that not all tenants are honest and cooperative. Some tenants are unruly and will always do something to stress you. It is, therefore, important to make sure the company that you are hiring is able to screen possible tenants to ensure unruly tenants are not allowed in your properties. You need to check and confirm the credit history report of the company you are hiring and confirm whether its managers use effective tools to screen for the best tenants. You can also check how frequently the company evicts tenants as a way of determining its ability to choose the best tenants.

  1. Consider the management fees charged

Property management is a booming business in Indianapolis and some property managers charge as high as 12 percent of the total monthly rent collected. Some property management firms in the area charge a percent of the total rent, whether collected or not. This is very uneconomical to investors because it is like paying them for services not rendered. It is, therefore, important to make sure the company you are hiring to look after your properties charges reasonable and affordable management fees. It is advisable to go for the company with the lowest fees as long as their services meet your requirements.

  1. The ability to inspect your properties on a regular basis

Other than getting a monthly rental income from your properties, it is important to make sure properties remain in good condition throughout the tenancy period and keeps on appreciating. It is therefore important to check whether the company you are hiring will be able to inspect your properties on a regular basis and issue you with a timely and holistic inspection report. A good property management company should be able to conduct property inspections at least twice every year.

3 Reasons I would invest in Conyers GA

Investing in real estate is one of the most profitable ventures in the country at the moment. If you do not know, the real estate market in the U.S. is now reviving after the 2008 national housing crisis.

I have been investing in real estate for many years before and after the crisis and I can tell you freely that investing in rental properties is a sure way of generating wealth. I have tried my luck in different real estate businesses and I know where to acquire rental properties, where to flip houses and where to buy and hold so that you can sell at a profit in the future. Let us look at real estate in Conyers GA because this is where I bought my first real estate property. I have tried different real estate investments in Conyers and I can tell you freely that rental properties are the most profitable. The following are three key reasons why I would buy another rental property in Conyers GA.


1. Demand for rental property in Conyers GA is very high

I have come to realize that demand for rental properties is very high in Conyers GA. It is worth noting that Atlanta is a commercial town that has attracted many job seekers from all parts of the country and even internationally. However, the cost of housing is very high in in-town Atlanta and many people look for affordable housing in the city’s neighborhoods such as in Conyers. The population is growing rapidly and I believe the demand for housing is higher than the supply. It is worth noting that the majority of the people in Conyers are working Millennials, who cannot afford to buy homes and prefer renting. Others are there for work and prefer renting instead of buying homes. I have three rental apartments, a rental home and five condominiums in Conyers and they are all occupied. Rental properties in Conyers have earned me good money and I considering selling some of my properties in the other areas so I can buy more rental property in Conyers.

property in Marietta

2. Availability of reliable property managers in the area

Property management is one of the most challenging tasks for a property owner. It becomes even more difficult if you live far from your properties because you will have to travel long distances whenever your tenants need you. However, when you buy rental properties in this area, there are numerous professional property managers waiting to help you manage the investment in the most efficient way possible. If you are looking for a reliable property manager, check out Citywide RPM. You’ll have the ability to work with a savvy local manager but the great part is that they come from a national franchise that you can rely on.

I have assigned my rental properties in Conyers to different property managers and I have never had issues with any of them. There is no single time that I have called my property managers to inquire for updates. If you have problems paying taxes, filing tax reports, screening tenants, evicting unruly tenants or any other tenancy related issues,  property managers will do it for you so that you can live a stress-free life. All that I have to do is to wait for end month so that money can be deposited in my account.

3. There are plenty of affordable options

A first-time real estate investor looking for a rental property that will not drain his/her pockets should try their luck in Conyers GA. Generally, real estate properties in this area are not as expensive as in other suburbs of big cities in the country. Moreover, you can get a property in bad shape, renovate it using a small budget and rent it out to make good money. You can also buy land and build rental properties of your choice. However, if you want to get a better deal, it is a good idea to work closely with local property managers because they know areas loved by tenants. In my case, I have acquired all my properties with the aid of the local property managers in the local area. I will definitely buy another rental property in Conyers GA to expand my real estate portfolio before properties become too expensive.

Real Estate Investing In the U.K Is Under Threat

The U.K. real estate market has attracted many foreign investors from different parts of the world for many years. This is because the real estate market has been stable for many years and properties are readily available in this country. This is actually one of the reasons why the U.K. has the biggest number of foreign real estate investors globally. However, real estate investing is now under threat due to various unexpected factors that have recently hit the market. For instance, the decision of the U.K. to leave the EU and the introduction of stamp duty to buy-to-let properties are some of the major factors that might destabilize the real estate market. In the first quarter of 2016, housing prices in the U.K. rose by about 5.6 percent. The highest housing price increase was witnessed in the Outer Metropolitan Area around London.

The danger ahead for U.K. real estate investing

Any real estate investor buying property to let in the U.K. is expected to pay a 3 percent increase in Stamp duty top of the already existing Stamp Duty rates. This means that it has become more expensive for real estate investors planning to buy real estate in the U.K that in the past, which is a major blow to the U.K. real estate market. Additionally, the increase of real estate stamp duty may destabilize the country’s real estate market because most of the top-end properties in London are owned by foreigners who may not be happy to be put under scrutiny.

The large-scale extension of the right- to buy at highly discounted prices planned by the government is going to affect the real estate market in the U.K. The government move to introduce cheaper housing in a market where housing prices are declining in some parts of the country is going to affect real estate investors buying property to let. The exit of the U.K. from the EU is another factor that is going to affect the U.K. real estate market greatly, bearing in mind that immigration and population growth are very important factors in as far as real estate market growth in the U.K. is concerned.

real estate UK

Three major threats to the U.K. real estate market 

Although the U.K. government is doing everything possible to make sure that the real estate market in U.K remains stable, it is indisputable that the real estate market is facing three major threats that might destabilize the market.

  1. The introduction of the new stamp duty on real estate

The U.K. government has introduced a new stamp duty on buy-to- let real estate properties in the country from April 2016. Consequently, this has increased the real estate transactions greatly. The introduction of more Stamp duty on real estate properties is going to discourage people from investing in the country’s real estate market. Properties in the country are going to be expensive and foreign investors will opt for properties in other countries. It is also worth noting that from April 2019, landlords will be required to pay Capital Gains Tax within 30 days after selling their properties and not at the end of the current tax year as it is now. This is another blow to country’s real estate market because the rules are becoming tougher for real estate investors.

  1. The anti-money laundering moves and the Panama Papers issues

If you are not aware, the Panama Papers leak of April 2016 had a great impact on the U.K. real estate market. The leak suggested that most of the money coming from the Panama money laundering activities was used for investment in the London’s real estate market. The requirement by the government that foreign investors who own properties in London declare their assets publicly is likely to affect the real estate market in the country. Foreign investors in the country are likely to sell their properties to avoid being exposed. It is also going to be difficult for foreign real estate investors planning buy properties in London, especially those with questionable sources of income.

  1. The right- to- buy extension by the government

Another major factor that is likely to affect the U.K. real estate market is the move by the U.K. government to extend Right- to- Buy discounts to 1.3 million housing association tenants. This is a blow to the already declining real estate market because many tenants will become property owners and investors owning rental properties will be greatly hit. It is a positive move by the government to help people own homes, but the move is likely to destabilize the real estate market in the country.


Items to Consider When Looking For Property Management Companies in Denver

Denver property management companies can be the difference between whether your real estate investment runs profitably or at a loss, depending on the company you decide to work with.For those who may not be aware, property management in Denver is a very profitable business that has attracted many stakeholders locally and from outside Denver. The bad part is that not all Denver property management companies are reliable. There are those with a good reputation for helping their clients to maximize returns on their investment and the lower quality ones that lack proper skills, experiences and adequate resources to take good care of properties on behalf of their clients. Property owners in Denver, therefore, need to make sure they have chosen the right property managers to take care of their investments if they want to maximize returns. The following are the basic items to consider when looking for Denver property management companies.

  1. Consider whether it is a local company or a foreign one

The real estate market in Colorado has attracted both local and foreign property management companies. However, it is always good to consider local property management companies because they understand the needs of local tenants and property owners more so than foreign property management companies do. Therefore, local property management companies are in a better position to satisfy the expectations of the property owners without compromising the needs of renters. This is very important when managing real estate because the competition is very high.

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  1. Proper licensing and certification 

A reliable property management company in Denver should be licensed to operate as a property manager in the region. You need to make sure that the company you are about to entrust with your properties is approved by local and state authorities to manage properties in the region. This is the only way you can be sure that your properties are in safe hands. It is worth noting that there are numerous upcoming Property management companies Denver that want to take advantage of the growing market without following the right procedure and becoming certified. Always be sure to ask for proof of their certification before working with them.

  1. Good qualifications and experience 

Property management in Denver is very sensitive and property managers need to have adequate skills and experience to satisfy the needs of tenants and property owners in the region. Therefore, a reliable property management company in Denver should be run by qualified professionals with adequate skills and experience in property management matters. You need to confirm that the property management firm that you intend to entrust with your properties is run by qualified professionals with good skills and experience on real estate management matters.

  1. Consider property management companies with a good reputation 

A good reputation is very important when hiring a property management company to take care of your investments in Denver. It is worth noting that the majority of tenants  in Denver prefer renting properties that are managed by property management companies with a good reputation. It is therefore important to consider hiring property management firms that have a good reputation. You can evaluate the most reputable property managers by checking local ratings and inquiring from other real estate investors who own property in Denver.

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  1. Consider property management firms with adequate resources 

Property management in Denver involves doing many tasks and property managers need to be equipped with adequate resources for them to perform to the expectations of tenants and property owners. For instance, it is the responsibility of a property management company to collect rent on behalf of its clients, make sure the required documents are in order, inspect properties assigned to them, and make repairs and other maintenance on behalf of their clients. If the property management firm that you have hired does not have adequate resources, then it becomes difficult for them to take good care of your properties without compromising the expectations of your tenants.

  1. A good property management firm should have exceptional marketing strategies  

Good marketing skills are very important when managing properties in Denver. Other than taking care of the properties on behalf of investors, a reliable property management company should be able to advertise properties assigned to them on behalf of their clients in order to fill them with tenants. It is the responsibility of property management firms in Denver to make sure properties assigned to them are well marketed to reduce vacancy rates. Property owners should therefore consider property management companies that have invested in trending marketing strategies and platforms.